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8 Apr 2019

Negotiable / To Be Determined Choir Section Leader: Soprano – Good Shepherd, Golden Valley

 Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States

Job Description

Opportunity for paid Section Leaders
Church of the Good Shepherd

Opening for: soprano.

Rehearsals: Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM

Mass: Sundays at 10:30 AM (the choir gathers at 9:30) and Church Feasts

The choir gets in average one week off per month (as well as the summer)

Section leaders will be paid both for rehearsals and masses:

$45 per mass with choir;
$35 per rehearsal;
$40 per mass: cantoring at Saturday 5 PM or Sunday 8:30 AM during the academic year;
$40 per mass: cantoring at the weekend masses during summer break;

This usually adds up to $80 or $120 per week.

Potential supplementary income: cantoring on special occasions like feasts or solemnities of the Church, weddings, and funerals.

For complete lists of our choral repertoire, our recordings, and to learn more about our music program, visit:

To apply for this position, please contact Organist & Choirmaster Cristiano Rizzotto.

Protocol for Section Leaders
Church of the Good Shepherd

Our mission is firstly the glorification of God and the sanctification and edification of the faithful. Through the stimulation of the auditory senses, it is our goal to beautify the liturgy and lift the gaze of all gathered. Music has power in the enrichment of one’s spiritual life.
It is my continuous hope to recruit more parishioners into our choir. I greatly appreciate that section leaders maintain a collegial and warm demeanor in working with those parishioners in the choir.

1. Promptness and Dependability:
a. This is huge. Anxiety is significantly greater within the choir if there is uncertainty as to if and when one will show up. Furthermore, when one member is missing from a section it may well make it impossible to rehearse a certain psalm or piece. Especially on Sunday morning calls, it can be very difficult to make proper use of the time when not all members are prompt.
b. As section leaders, we ought set a positive example of promptness for the volunteer members.
c. It is expected that section leaders will be situated five minutes prior to the beginning of rehearsal. This is especially necessary on Sunday morning calls.
d. If you are running late due to long meeting at work or something else out of your control, please let me know via text as soon as possible. The likelihood of such things happening on Sunday morning should be extremely slim.
e. Obviously, emergencies happen, in which case it is the director’s responsibility to be understanding of the section leader’s plight.
f. However, if there are more than two instances of unaccounted for tardiness, the director will request to meet with the section leader.

2. Accountability for the Music.
a. It is unfair of the director to hand out music in an untimely fashion and expect it to be well-known. Thus it is the director’s responsibility to prepare the scores well in advance and keep a thorough account of what scores have been distributed and when.
b. On the flip side, it is fair for the director to expect that, after a piece has been in the folder for a couple of weeks, the section leaders have a learned command of the notes.
c. Once a piece of music has been covered in a rehearsal (sectional or full) it is the section leader’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has mastered the all pitches, rhythms, and other musical parameters by the time of the next rehearsal. It may be the case that some time needs to be spent with the score outside of the rehearsal.
d. It is the director’s responsibility to attend to issues of style and ensemble and to oversee the teaching of the volunteers, however, this requires that the section leaders themselves are comfortable with pitches and rhythms.

3. Demeanor in Rehearsals
a. Please ensure that all comments to everyone in the loft are polite and constructive. Of course a sense of humor is encouraged!
b. Please be sure that you are not interrupting anyone else when speaking. Especially, please do not interrupt with questions. More often than not, your question will be answered before you it is asked.
c. Mistakes happen, but if they do, please try to move on as though nothing happened. In my experience, when someone overreacts to their own mistakes, it makes others second-guess themselves.
d. Please don’t walk out mid-rehearsal to use the restroom or refill water. Rather, try to do so prior to rehearsal and then wait for the scheduled break. Again, emergency situations are understood.

4. Absences
a. With the exception of emergency situations, it is expected that the director be given a month’s notice of any absence, in order that any necessary substitute coverage can be arranged. In the event of a “red-letter-day” a more advanced notice would be greatly appreciated.
b. In the event of an absence, it is the responsibility of the director to contact the section leader with a specific list of items covered.
c. Conversely, it is the responsibility of the section leader to look over anything covered in the rehearsal for which he or she was absent.

5. Posture
a. As those of us with any degree of vocal training know, posture is of the essence when singing. Please ensure that, when seated during rehearsal, you are sitting with your back straight and both feet on the floor, in order to set a positive example to the rest of the choir.

6. Organization
a. Please ensure that the music in your folders is organized in order of the choral repertoire schedule. The director will hand out the scores in that particular order for ease.

Concluding Remarks:
The above protocol is not intended to be cumbersome, but rather, is intended as a means of ensuring a continued smooth operation in our mission here in the choir. Know that the work of the section leaders is greatly appreciated by the director, fellow choir members, and parishioners.

Job Qualifications: Be a skilled musician able to read music well (piano skills not required but useful). Be able to attend most rehearsals and masses. Possess good interpersonal and communication skills. Work in conjunction with other Section Leaders. Be willing and able to support the Organist & Choirmaster and other section leaders in artistic decisions and other matters relating to the artistic health and growth of the chorus. Suggested duties include, but are not limited to: Provide musical leadership for section (i.e. bass SL provides musical leadership for basses). Musical leadership may entail anything from answering questions such as

Organizational Name: Good Shepherd

Organizational City: Golden Valley

Position Contact Name: Cristiano Rizzotto

Position Contact Email:

Deadline: Not Given

Benefits: Included

Experience: Required

Setting: Urban

Number of Parish Households: 0-500

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please contact Organist & Choirmaster Cristiano Rizzotto.

Job Categories: Music. Job Types: Negotiable / To Be Determined.

Job expires in 2 weeks.

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