March 8, 2019

Full-Time Residence Center Director – Totino-Grace High School, Fridley

Contact Information

Cheri Broadhead


Phone: 763-571-9116

Email: Click Here



Benefits: Included

Experience: Preferred

Minnesota Teacher's License: Not Required

Salary: $35-50K

Work Commitment: Full-Time

Number of Parishioners: 0

Deadline: 04/30/2019

To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly using the contact information provided. Thank you!

Further Instructions:

Candidates may apply by sending a resume, letter of interest, academic credentials, three references or letters of recommendation to: Cheri Broadhead, Principal, Totino-Grace High School, 1350 Gardena Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432. Email:

Job Description

Totino-Grace High School is seeking a full-time Residence Center Director for the 2019-2020 school year. We are accepting applications for this position at this time.

Job Qualifications

Required Qualities:

• Undergraduate or graduate degree in related area;

• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with students, colleagues, parents, administrators;

• Commitment to the mission of Totino-Grace High School;

• Willingness to embrace the Lasallian mission.

Desired Qualities:

• Previous experience working with adolescent population.

• Previous experience working with international student population.

• Previous experience working in Residence Life.

• Previous management experience.

• Multicultural competency.

• Experience in Catholic education.

Institution Description

Residence Center Director

Primary Purpose
The Residence Center Director is responsible for the overall management of the Totino-Grace High School Residence Center. The main responsibilities of this position include: oversight of the safety and well-being of the students, creation of a positive atmosphere, the facilitation of student development through individual student interactions, building residence hall community, and working closely with and supervising resident hall staff.

Reports To

Receives Work Direction From
Principal, President

Provides Work Direction To
Residence Center Coordinators and Cook
FLSA Category

1.0 FTE – Benefit Eligible

Probation Period
First three (3) years of employment at Totino-Grace.

General Responsibilities of Catholic School Employment: Employment in and by a Catholic school is substantially different from secular employment. Catholic school employees must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the school. Their behavior must not violate the faith, morals or laws of the Church or the Archdiocese, such that can embarrass the school or give rise to scandal. It is preferred that all employees be active, participating members of a faith community.

Representative Responsibilities of this Position:
Be present where needed; ready to work as needed to meet responsibilities.
Provide an example of punctuality and attendance for all meetings, in-services, events, etc.
Contribute to the school’s faith community by personal modeling and participation.
Support and encourage the faith development of each student.
Actively participate in the faith life of the school.
3. Ability to live in the Residence Center.

General Duties:
Perform all general duties that are assigned and reasonably associated with the Totino-Grace Residence Center (RC) program, including but not limited to: creating an inclusive, home-away-from-home environment, and ensuring the health and safety of the RC and students at all times.
The Director will focus on day-to-day RC operations.
The Director must always ensure that Residence Center (RC) students are appropriately supervised by dormitory staff.
The Director is expected to take leadership in developing an atmosphere of mutual respect for individuals in the RC while enhancing also the physical environment, which will create an atmosphere conducive to the living-learning lifestyle.
4. The Director will work collegially with other RC and campus personnel (such as teachers, administrators, custodians, and maintenance staff).
Work to create a supportive, family, and loving atmosphere in the RC; maintain appropriate boundaries with students.
Responsible for supervising dormitory students and all dorm staff.
Participate in regularly scheduled meetings with the Principal to discuss dormitory issues.
Regularly meet (no less than bi-weekly) together with the entire dorm staff to build a sense of team, plan, set schedules, discuss student needs, etc.
Regularly meet (no less than monthly) with the entire dormitory in order to check in, plan events, and listen to concerns and celebrate successes.
Maintain appropriate communication with members of the school community.
Respond to email and voicemail messages in a timely manner.
Conduct regular and consistent communication with students and parents.
Share needed maintenance and repairs to the appropriate people (i.e., Director of Facilities and Technology, Principal, etc.).
Supervise a bi-monthly newsletter to be distributed to parents of dormitory students and Totino-Grace faculty and staff members.
Supervise and update the RC website on the Totino-Grace RC page, as appropriate.
Coordinate a weekly duty rotation, including weekends and holidays.
Coordinate opening/closing of the RC, keeping track of room keys and check-in materials.
Responsible for keeping accurate student files (i.e., insurance, travel, release forms with educational agents when appropriate, etc.).
Record Keeping/Filing Practices: Responsible for keeping accurate student files (i.e. High attention to detail and record keeping in the filing (adhering to HIPAA regulations as required by law and where appropriate) of student’s records; i.e. Health Insurance/Allergies/Medicine/Dr.’s Visits-Bills, Emergency Information Cards, Copies of Passports/I-20’s, Student’s Cell Phone #’s, Natural, Guardian, & Ambassador Families and Friends contact information, Residence Center Digital Access Keys as well as Room Keys, as well as Check-in and Closeout procedures and policies.
Travel: Tracking of all students' domestic/international travel information (i.e. flights, trains, buses, etc.), pickups/drop-offs, parent & guardian travel permissions, various school breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc.) using the Google platform.
Act as liaison between students, teachers, parents, and school personnel where appropriate.
Keeps staff up-to-date on any issues involving students in their care: medical, academic, or otherwise.
Conduct mid-year and year-end staff evaluations.
Work with other staff to provide student transportation to banks, airports, stores (i.e. Target) etc.
Program and Student Monies/Operational Supplies Protocols: At times Residence Center Coordinators may be required to handle monies solely related to purchasing a wide variety of resident program supplies, transportation pieces related to student rides, etc. Residence Center Coordinators are however, strictly prohibited from handling and/or using student's cash or debit/credit cards for any reason unless strictly authorized by the Director. Any report by a student and/or school personnel of a resident staff member other than the Residence Center Director handling students cash and/or debit/credit cards or other student financial purchasing items will be immediately subject to school administration disciplinary action, likely dismissal, as well as being reported to the local and federal authorities if theft, attempted use of, or financial manipulation/fraud practices are discovered.
Responsible for preparing purchase orders and monitoring a budget for dorm expenses.
Work with RC cook to plan menus and address food service concerns, as needed.
Deal with medical emergencies/emergency room visits, any dealings with security, the fire department or police. The Principal and President should be contacted when serious issues arise.
a. Maintenance, Security, Emergency Protocols: Awareness of all building maintenance needs and responsible for submitting the appropriate maintenance requests to TG Facilities Management in a timely fashion via the Google platform and also acting on the follow through of the requests and completion and communication with other Residence Center staff as related therein. While on duty, being aware and making regular security checks of all windows and outside and interior doors ensuring the program’s safe and secure practices are being adhered to by all resident students/staff. Reporting to the Director any potential security risks observed or otherwise ASAP re: building, student, and staff safety. Strictly follow all local Fire Department/ Police reporting procedures and safety precautions.
b. Conduct fire and tornado drills, room checks/inspections and complete written records when necessary.
Work with teachers and counseling staff to facilitate students’ needs.
Oversee the gathering of all medical bills, insurance issues, etc.
Maintain knowledge and educate self in areas of diversity, inclusion, sustainability and environmental justice.
Finalize and periodically update the RC/Residential Hall Student Handbook as needed.
Create, disseminate, and maintain student and staff handbook.
Communicate with the Principal, Director of Enrollment & International Students, and/or School Counselors information about actions or behaviors that may endanger residents or others within the halls. These communications may require priority or emergency actions.
Use discretion and common sense when communicating with residents.
Serve as a mediator for conflicts, as appropriate.
Initiate contact with, to get to know, and to be concerned about each student in the dormitory. Utilize Residence Coordinators as primary and secondary contacts with students.
Fairly, impartially and consistently enforce RC and school policies.
Report the facts about any disruptive incident or situation that may violate residence hall or school policies and to complete necessary paperwork (incident report, damage report) in a timely manner.
In conjunction with Residence Coordinators and Assistant Director and students, plan and carry out monthly dorm events and activities (i.e., visits to restaurants and malls, apple picking, parks, movies, plays, cultural and social events, etc.).
Programming, Scheduling, and Information Practices: Regular utilization and best practices of other necessary forms of digital and cutting edge outreach practices to inform and promote resident student life, activities, birthdays, pictures, and other happenings, (i.e., Residence Center website, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and other related information postings as well as in the Residence Center. In conjunction with the Director, Residence Center Coordinators, as well as students, plan and carry out monthly resident hall events and activities (i.e. trips to malls, apple picking, picnics in the park, movies, plays, cultural and social events).
Encourage attendance and participation in school or dorm activities.
Other Responsibilities:
Participate in in-services, workshops, and staff development opportunities.
Attend in-service opportunities provided by Totino-Grace.
Seek out other professional growth experiences such as workshops, courses, local and national conferences, affiliation with professional organizations, etc.
Share all of the above with department members and other staff members.
Understand and fulfill all aspects of employee handbook.
This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive, and employee will also perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as requested by the Principal or President as deemed necessary for safe and efficient operation of the school or to help fulfill the school’s mission.

Mental Demands
Exhibit competence in and knowledge of job responsibilities.
Work together and maintain a collegial atmosphere with others.
Be knowledgeable and supportive of the Totino-Grace High School mission.
Be knowledgeable and supportive of the Catholic faith and witness this to the community as appropriate.
Possess effective people and learning skills.
Communicate effectively with parents, staff, administrators, and students.
Keep supervisor and others appropriately informed.
Show integrity and honesty in all situations.
Have the ability to plan, organize and meet deadlines.
Follow instructions and be able to complete tasks within appropriate timelines.
Maintain confidentiality when situations warrant.
Be flexible and maintain a positive and helpful attitude when schedules change.

Physical Demands
Ability to work irregular hours, occasionally involving interrupted sleep.
Ability to be oncall at irregular working hours.
Ability and certification to drive all school vehicles, including the small bus and school vans.
Ability to perform simple grasping including handwriting, paper manipulation, sorting, folding, etc. periodically throughout entire workday.
Must have proficiency in technology skills as the position demands, including but not limited to the Internet, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
Ability to lift and transport equipment and supplies for event preparation.
Ability to use school equipment for event preparation (ladders, wheeled carts, school vehicles)
Flexibility in work hours may be necessary to complete duties. Some evening and weekend work required.
Ability and willingness to travel by auto or plane for work related functions.

Application Instructions/Comments

Candidates may apply by sending a resume, letter of interest, academic credentials, three references or letters of recommendation to:

Cheri Broadhead, Principal,

Totino-Grace High School,

1350 Gardena Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432.


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