March 20, 2019

Full-Time Principal – Saint John’s Preparatory School, Collegeville (Diocese of St. Cloud)

Contact Information

Jan Jahnke

HR Manager

Phone: 320-363-2874

Fax: 320-363-3039

Email: Click Here


Benefits: Included

Enrollment: 251-400

Experience: Required

Minnesota Teacher's License: Required

Number of Faculty: 1-25

Salary: $50K+

Work Commitment: Full-Time

Number of Parishioners: 0

Deadline: Not Given

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Further Instructions:

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Job Description

The Principal is the chief academic officer, responsible for leading the academic efforts of the school, especially the successful and supportive education of students (grades 5 – 12). The Principal reports to the Head of School. The Principal leads the school in developing academic excellence through teaching and learning. All faculty and academic staff members report to the Principal. Saint John’s Preparatory School is a Catholic school in the Benedictine tradition enlivened by values of community, hospitality, stewardship, and justice.


1. Responsible for the academic life of the school, including curriculum.

2. Responsible for assessment and evaluation of teaching and student learning.

3. Oversees the development of curriculum and curricular innovation.

4. Responsible for the recruitment, orientation, professional development, and nurturing of faculty excellence through annual renewals and oversight.

5. Represents the school to students, faculty, staff, and parents.
6. Creates a positive school culture, and oversees the holistic development of students.
7. Responsible for overseeing the accreditation process (ISACS); and compliance with laws, regulations, and state educational standards.

8. Collaborates with other administrators to achieve the school’s goals; and actively plans as a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

9. Responsible for coordinating school safety programs including disaster preparedness, emergency drills, safe environment training, and related safety training.

10. Understands the unique character of a diverse student community with a residency program.

Job Qualifications


1. Minimum
a. Master's degree.
b. Three years of secondary education teaching experience.
2. Preferred
a. Master’s degree in Education Administration.
b. One to three years prior principal/administrative experience.
c. Experience with educational programming at an administrative level.
d. Experience with college preparatory curriculum.
e. Experience with International Baccalaureate.
3. Skill and Abilities
a. Excellent writing, public speaking, interpersonal and listening skills.
b. Ability to create a positive and collaborative working environment.
c. Ability to acquire an understanding of the character and vision of Saint John’s Abbey.

Application Instructions/Comments

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