April 1, 2019

Full-Time Business Administrator – Holy Trinity, South St. Paul

Contact Information

Fr. John Echert


Email: Click Here



Benefits: Included

Experience: Required

Salary: Commensurate with Experience

Work Commitment: Full-Time

Number of Parishioners: 1,001-3,000

Deadline: 04/30/2019

To apply for this job, please contact the person above directly using the contact information provided. Thank you!

Further Instructions:

Further Instructions: Applicants should submit a cover letter of interest, resume, three professional references and letters of recommendation by e-mail to Holy Trinity Parish, Attn: Pastor, at holytrinity@mail.com. Or send your documents by mail to Holy Trinity Parish, Attn: Pastor, 749 Sixth Avenue South, South St. Paul, MN 55075. Application Deadline: Accepted now until position filled.

Job Description

• The Business Administrator is to assist the Pastor in the management and the administrative operations of the Parish, and to conduct the business affairs of the Parish in a professional, ethical, efficient, and organized manner. Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment. Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner, which is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the Church. Their public behavior must not violate the faith, morals or laws of the Church or Archdiocese, such that it can embarrass the Church or give rise to scandal. It is preferred that this employee be an active, participating Roman Catholic.

Professional Standards/Development:
• Demonstrate a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of Catholic Church doctrine and policies in the areas of liturgy, the sacraments, morality, ethics, and education, and to be committed to learning more in these areas and to implementing these doctrines and policies.
• Perform duties in accordance with the requirements of civil and canon law.
• Maintain professional standards of confidentiality.
• Establish and follow generally accepted accounting principles in the preparation of financial statements.
• Attend parish staff meetings, Finance Committee meetings, and other meetings as requested by the Pastor.

• To work with the Pastor, the Parochial Vicar, the Trustees, the Parish Finance Council, the Building and Grounds Committee, Festival Committee, and other committees to facilitate the effective operation of the Parish.
• To work with the Principal of Holy Trinity School and the School Board of Holy Trinity, and to work with the Director of Religious Education, the Youth Director, the Maintenance Supervisor, and the Music Directors to provide financial assistance and information necessary for annual budget preparation.

Financial and Accounting:
• Work with the Pastor, staff, and Finance Committee to prepare and implement the annual budget of the Parish.
• Prepare monthly financial statements and present them at the Finance Committee’s monthly meeting.
• Oversee and assist in the annual Parish audit or financial review by an independent auditor.
• Establish and implement office management systems and internal controls that assure efficient collection, compiling, and presentation of financial, stewardship, and census data.
• Oversee the annual stewardship drives and any pledge drives.

Office and Plant Management:
• Maintain in an orderly manner all files of the Parish, including census data, personnel files, payroll records, sacramental records, all committee meeting minutes, insurance records, contracts, licenses, loans, equipment manuals, and so forth. Supervise the ordering of supplies and the maintenance of inventories for Parish programs and Parish maintenance.
• Oversee all maintenance, repair, and purchase of property, plant, and equipment in consultation with the Maintenance Supervisor (all items over $500 require the approval of the Pastor).

• Assist the Pastor in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, and dismissing employees.
• Maintain accurate and complete personnel records.
• Review staffing needs and make recommendations to the Pastor.
• Assist with the drafting of job descriptions and present them to the Pastor for review and approval.
• Supervise secretarial, bookkeeping, clerical, and maintenance staff, as well as all contracted services.
• Be knowledgeable of all federal, state, Archdiocesan, and Parish Policies that impact on morality and ethics with respect to personnel, e.g., vulnerable adults, youth, child protection reporting requirements, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and insurance coverage. Ensure compliance with these policies and laws in all programs in which parishioners participate.

Policies and Procedures:
• Revise, develop, publicize, and implement Parish policies and procedures in all areas including finances, personnel, facilities usage, scheduling of meetings, and so forth.
• Provide in-service for staff and parishioners on compliance with Archdiocesan, government, and Parish Policies.
• Review the Mission Statement of the Parish and work with the Pastor, the Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Parish Council to develop and implement long-range planning.
• Attend any workshops, Archdiocesan or otherwise, in the areas of finance, insurance, investment, building safety, personnel, legal, and accounting matters that would prove helpful.
• Negotiate and review all maintenance agreements, contracts, and bids, with final approval reserved to the Pastor and the trustees.
• Perform a compliance review for environmental, safety, and health regulations.

Job Qualifications

The successful candidate will be an energetic, practicing Catholic, faithful to Church teaching, knowledgeable in the Faith.
1. Post secondary training and education leading to a Bachelors Degree or a FCBA (Fellow in Church Business Administration) or equivalent.
2. Extensive experience and participation in assignments in the fields of financial management, property management, office support and employment relations.
3. Continued participation in local professional church business administration societies. (APBA & NACBA).
4. Participation in Archdiocesan initiatives.
5. Training or supervisory and management experience.
6. Possess extensive and current knowledge of Roman Catholic Doctrine.
7. Experienced in computer operations and related software programs, especially QuickBooks Pro, QuarkXPress 7, Parish Data System and Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Outlook, & Publisher).

Mental Demands:
1. Possess an understanding of the English language.
2. Be able to provide clear direction and leadership.
3. Must have strong organizational skills with an ability to instill same in others.
4. Possess intuitive problem defining skills and the knowledge of problem solving programs and actions.
5. Have the ability to work well with people at all institutional levels in both large and small organizations.
6. Possess creative communications skills.
7. Must be honest, trustworthy and confidential in all areas.
8. Maintain patience, understanding and calmness in chaotic situations.
9. Project a personal lifestyle with Christian values.

Physical Demands:
1. Must be able to work 40 hours per week.

2. Fulfill Parish commitments by working longer periods of time when position demands.

3. Possess the strength to lift and move equipment (10-15 lbs.) using proper techniques.
4. Capable of sitting or standing for long periods of time.
5. Be able to go up and down steps.

Institution Description

Holy Trinity Parish has a strong Catholic identity and is emphasized with weekly Mass, daily religion classes, Stations of the Cross, Advent Liturgies, daily prayer, visible sacramentals, and the modeling of the staff. The Mission Statement for Holy Trinity Catholic School states, “Holy Trinity School is a parish-based school intended to form and educate its students in the Catholic Faith and in academic subjects that are appropriate to each grade level. The school assists parents/guardians in the task of developing the knowledge, skills, character and spirituality of their children who are enrolled and entrusted to its care.” Our strong academics include reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, Spanish, art, music and computer technology. Extended Day program is available before and after school. Visit our school website at www.holytrinityssp.org. The Holy Trinity Parish website is at www.holytrinitysspmn.org.

Community Description

Holy Trinity Parish is comprised of a church and school and is located in South Saint Paul, a first ring suburb of St. Paul. The city is a stable, long established community. The church has approximately 900 families, the school has an enrollment of 155 students and the religious education program has an enrollment of 90 students.

Application Instructions/Comments

Further Instructions:
Applicants should submit a cover letter of interest, resume, three professional references and letters of recommendation by e-mail to Holy Trinity Parish, Attn: Pastor, at holytrinity@mail.com. Or send your documents by mail to Holy Trinity Parish, Attn: Pastor, 749 Sixth Avenue South, South St. Paul, MN 55075.
Application Deadline: Accepted now until position filled.

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